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Social Society Magnet Purpose:

   Social Society Magnet is a blog site that demonstrates digital marketing tips and tools for up and coming marketers and entrepreneurs. S.S.M a independent marketing consulting company that research the best social media marketing tools and online marketing strategies for small businesses. As a marketing agency, we make sure to cover all aspects of different categories of marketing. We provide tactics for marketers to follow by and strategic marketing templates that business owners can easily follow.  Not only do S.S.M promote different marketing tools and tactics, as a service we provide business owners with marketing assistance while they market their brand and products on several social media platforms. 

  Now in the 21st century, the internet is a source that can be used to interact with people all over the world. The internet made networking less complicated, due to the social platforms that's built throughout the web. S.S.M uses them same social platforms to improve marketing and advertising skills for individuals that are branding their company.  

    So S.S.M figured, why not use the internet as an outlet source to encourage people to interact with local and global businesses worldwide? Social Society Magnet express different strategies/tools to improve companies media engagement. Click the tabs in the header for enhance strategies but check out some basic strategies below!


     One of the most inmportant networking strategy that business owner's should take into consideration is Advertisement. Advertisement is an public announcement of a product or services. Social media platforms made advertising more efficient by allowing paid advertising campaign on different social platforms. This when social platforms accept payments to advertise to a certain target audience. Depending on the budget amount a company has, ads will give the business more recognition than normal content marketing strategies can. By using enhance Digital Marketing tactics, a larger audience will be reached.

   For personal brands that would like to know more about creating digital marketing campaigns, S.S.M has provided information on how efficient paid advertising has become on social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Click the tab below for more details...


    Promotion and Advertisement are slightly different than each other. Advertisement can get expensive for business owners that want results in a short amount of time. Promotion is marketing a product or organization to increase sales revenue.

Promotion is similar to Content Marketing. Content Marketing creates strategies that provides valuable and accurate information to an audience with no budget needed. In order to promote an product and convert a sale, in-depth marketing as to be applied to the product or content.

There are several aspects of free marketing. One dominant marketing strategy that's efficient is Blogging. Not only blogs, but info-graphics, and videos can generate traffic with no budget needed.

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    Last but not least, Engagement is an extremely big impact with network marketing but Promotion and Advertisement has to be implied first in order for Engagement to work. Engagement is when an audience interact with a piece of content that was published. When companies create multiple ads, fan pages, events, campaigns, and blogs are all considered as content. As the audience engage with the content, it's the best time to present a pop up email funnel and collect their email. This specific method is known as Email Marketing. which allow business owners to keep in contact with potential customers about future deals or new products the business has to offer. Emails is a perfect tactic to practice Engagement with the supporters. Want to learn more about this? Click tab below for more details..

"Networking a tool to build Relationships, Marketing a source to build Business."

- Jerry P. Parks Jr