What is a "Cookie"?


A "cookie" is a tracking device that tracks the visitor activity while visiting the company website. This how the company knows what improvements to make in order to increase their conversion rate. This "cookie" also helps the affiliate network to know who the commission is granted to. 

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is a method marketers use to promote a business product or services and get a commission from the sale. Affiliate Marketing is a way to drive sales through traffic from a online influencer.  Its an equal win situation for the company and the affiliate marketer. If the commission percentage is pleasing to the marketer, it motivates them to drive more sales to the company's website. There are several methods and social platforms to use when affiliate marketing. Check a few out below.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies:


  • Attract Sales with Coupons, Deals, and Promotion - Consumers love the idea of saving their funds. A normal coupon campaign can drive traffic to a business site and increase their conversion rate.

  • Leverage Affiliate Promotions from Multiple Sources - In other words, reach out to target audiences through affiliates on multiple social sites. Use as many resources as possible to gain traffic to the website. Sources such as social media platforms, paid advertisement, organic content tactics, email campaigns and referrals from one target audiences to another. Be aware of audiences opinions to deliver what they want in the campaigns.

  • Optimize Product Pages for Higher Conversions - Can't always depend on the affiliate to drive the traffic for sales. So once a visitor come to the site, the page has to be appealing for the audience to make a purchase. Based on the template of the landing page, determines the possibility of the visitor making a purchase.

  • Increase Use of PPC - Ads show up when keywords or phrases are searched. Once the ad is clicked on, that's when you pay per click. This one of the best ways to drive traffic to the vendor or user's website without optimizing the content.

  • Create an Blog and Write Reviews - Create videos and drive traffic to your blog through social media and become a contributor. To become a contributor, write valuable content about the product then place the link to the vendor within the content. It's great for the audience to build trust within the brand so they will continue to visit the site. In order to build trust, the website has to produce trustworthy information to the audience about the product/services.

  • Recommend Products/Services that's most KNOWN - To gain massive traffic to a website, the website has to have interesting news or worthy products for the audience. The most relevant topics will make the audience actually click the link to the website. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs:


  • FlexOffers - Online Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing Service for Influencers.

  • ClickBank - Internet Retailer of top quality products that allow Manufacturers to sell and Digital Marketers to promote the items.

  • ShareASale - An Ethical- Service driven network that cares about both Affiliate and Merchants.

  • Amazon Associates - A free Affiliate Marketing Program for Bloggers and Influencers to promote Amazon items on their website.

  • HootSuite - Social Media Management for businesses to Organize their Content.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:


There are roughly about five simple steps on how affiliate marketing works. Apply each one of these procedures and success with affiliate marketing will happen frequently. Check out the steps below to come from a beginner to a affiliate marketing specialist.

  1. Affiliate promotes a company or brand on their website/platform.

  2. Consumer notice a affordable promotion on the affiliate website and decide to click on it, a "cookie" is then stored on the user browser. 

  3. The consumer will be transferred to the company's website.

  4. Then once the consumer purchase a product off the website.

  5. The "cookie" will track the transaction so the commission payment will go to the right affiliate for driving the sale.