Digital Marketing has become the most efficient marketing technique since the internet was invented. The internet made networking more accessible for people that's on two different sides of the world. So for business owners, digital marketing has help increase their revenue tremendously with different strategies that social media platforms offer. Strategies such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media Marketing are primary features of social platforms that will enhance digital marketing skills.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is one of the best strategies to take advantage of to get content found on search engines. Google, Facebook, and YouTube are popular search engines to find content like blogs, pictures, and videos. This method is great for marketers to use to rank for keywords in their niche. If the content is optimized correctly then it will gain organic traffic from search engines.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM, also known as Search Engine Marketing is similar to SEO but slightly different. SEM require a payment to actually succeed with this strategy. Search engines has a feature were they will advertise your content on the first page of search engines for the keyword the marketer ranked for. This particular method is called pay per click.

PPC operates by every click the link receives for being advertised on the first page, the marketer has to pay the search engine a fee. The fee always depends on the cost per click the search engine ask for.

CPC is a feature to always keep up to date with because as more competitors rank for the keyword, the higher the bid raises.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most popular strategy containing the amount of users social media has daily. According to Google, everyday the number of social media users increases. This the best opportunity to gain a new customer daily if the proper marketing strategy is applied during the marketing campaign. Paid advertisement is always a efficient strategy to use because the social site will advertise to a target audience that's likely interested into the content. How they do that? Well based on typical keywords the audience has in their search history.

Apply each one of these marketing strategies into your marketing campaign and the proper results will occur. Results like organic traffic increase, brand awareness and a higher conversion rate percentage. When working on your digital marketing skills, the objective is to appear to the target audience as much as possible. If the audience even search a similar keyword to your ranked keyword, the search engine should advertise your brand above your competitors to gain that potential customer. How to make the search engine advertise your brand first is by gaining that brand awareness.