Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

 Content Marketing is an original method of marketing used to create relevant content that's helpful or interesting to a defined audience. When creating content, a marketer use a strategic campaign then present it to the audience in a blog, picture or video. There are several forms of content marketing to build brand awareness but based on the most popular social media sites, blogs, pictures and videos are more efficient. 

Benefits of Content Marketing:

There are many benefits to acknowledge when practicing content marketing but here are the most important benefits. The first important benefit is building brand awareness. When a person looking for a product/service through search engines and find a brand that constantly receive good reviews from others, the person becomes comfortable shopping with the brand.

The second important benefit is longevity traffic generation. Any information that can be found through organic search has the ability to receive massive interactions from the target audience. This means the information is helpful to the people and courage them to share the information to help other people. As long as the content is frequently updated so it's relevant to the audience search suggestion, the content will constantly generate traffic overtime. 

An other important benefit for content marketing is increasing conversion rate. The ultimate goal for a website that has products for sale is to turn a website visitor into a paying customer. In order for this to happen organically without any advertisement is to make the visitor engage with the content on the website. This usually happens from a landing page created by the website owner.

What is a Content Marketing strategy?

A known strategy for content marketing is planning ahead and researching information on the topic before creating content about it. Have a meaning behind publishing the content like educating or entertaining the audience. This way the content will be detailed correctly and get optimized for search engines to recognize it and display it above other relatable content. 

Why is Content Marketing important?



Having content throughout the web on different social media platforms generating interactions from the people is a important factor in content marketing. Having a audience that's enthusiastic about a companies content builds the awareness and can cause a new target audience being reached. The more shares, likes and comments a piece of content receives causes it to go viral. Once the content is viral, the conversion rate rises because of the amount of people it's exposed to. 

What is Content Marketing in SEO?



When operating SEO, Content Marketing consist of publishing quality information to get ranked for a certain keyword phrase. SEO only operates if there is content published to the web. Without any optimized content such as blogs, pictures or videos search engines won't rank the site at all. Therefore, the domain score of the website will be low because the least amount of traffic the website generates.