Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Summary:

      Digital Marketing is a type of marketing used from different internet techniques through social media platforms to promote a product or brand. Different social platforms has several features to spread content throughout the internet to reach current and prospective customers.  Once each feature is used properly a change in the company's traffic pattern will occur. Which means, more social shares, more social impressions from the content and more engagement from the people on social media. 



Digital Marketing Techniques:


    Simple techniques such as promoting, advertising, blogging, photo-editing and many more.. These simple techniques can generate a lot of attention to a business, that will eventually increase their popularity. Start by using multiple digital tactics and media channels that will reach people from different media platforms. Social media advertising is one digital tactic to use to reach numerous amount of people. Major results happens from this procedure because the internet connects to people that is most likely interested in your company's product. 


How To Succeed In Digital Marketing:


    There are many ways to succeed when using digital marketing. The most effective way would be creating quality content. Use content that will get recognize by popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This particular method could take time to develop but its the most effective one when it comes to longevity. When creating quality content, make sure the writer do proper research. Don't supply the audience with false information.

    Also, learn what target audience to go after and know how to turn them into paying customers. Come up with several digital marketing strategies, execute each strategy to notice the full potential of marketing. The digital marketing process is a way to generate traffic and increase sales. 

9 Different Types of Digital Marketing​:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

  2. Search Engine Marketing

  3. Social Media Advertisement

  4. Content Marketing

  5. E-mail Marketing

  6. Affiliate Marketing

  7. Influencer Marketing

  8. Viral Marketing

  9. Mobile Marketing

ROI Formula:

 ROI = (net profit / cost of investment ) x 100

Social Media Advertisement.

The Purpose of Social Media Advertisement:

 Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms have an feature that allows you to create a ad for promotional usage. Ads takes advertising to a different level with the amount of people it's able to reach. That's why most businesses use social media ads to engage with people interested in their niche to turn them into potential customers. Facebook Ads is the most dominant source to use for a reasonable budget. This way, companies has the opportunity to get interaction from new potential customers, also known as leads. 

What To Know About ROI:

Return on Investment, also known as ROI is the measurement of the amount spent on a ad. This a way to compare the efficiency of different investments.


Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO?

SEO is a method companies use to get top ranking on popular search engines. The most popular search engines in today's era are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How It Works?

There are many methods to use when it comes to SEO.  Methods and tactics that needs constant updates and attention to remain relevant on search engines.  

SEO Tactics:

 The main tactics that are helpful for a company SEO rank are backlinks, keywords usage, blog content, and page title.

Search Engine Marketing


What Is SEM?

SEM is slightly different from SEO. Search Engine Marketing a way to promote an website online, by using funds to advertise on search engines. 

How It Works?

SEM methods is used to advertise websites without organically applying SEO tactics to increase their search rank. A method called Paid Per Click is a big factor in SEM. 

What Is PPC?

 The meaning to pay per click is when a advertiser pay a fee to a publisher for every click their ads receive. This can also be known as CPC, cost per click.

How It Works?

. This how advertisers buy visits to their website.and bid for that top ranking. Advertisers skip the organic processes of SEM and get their website on the first page of Google.


Paid Per Click

Viral Marketing

How to improve Viral Marketing skills?

The best way to work on Viral Marketing skills is to always create the best relatable content for the audience at all times. The audience will help the content reach other people if they feel like it's relatable to them. Make sure the content is worthy enough to be shared throughout the internet. False information and unfinished content will not do well when it comes to Viral Marketing.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing basically a method for customers to share information about their experience with a company's product or services via social media. This method determines how much engagement the company receives from a piece of content that was published or a great experience the consumer had.

How does Viral Marketing operate?

When a piece of content collects enormous amount of engagement such as likes, shares, views or any type of impressions, that content consider to went viral. The audience has identified the content to be worthy enough to share it with their friends & family members. Then hopefully them friends & family members will post the content to their timeline to show their peers and that's an example of viral marketing. The more shares and likes a content receives the higher possibility it can go viral.

Mobile Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a online marketing strategy to reach a broad amount of audience through multiple social media channels with a cellphone or any mobile device.​ This how people able to interact with their audience while being on the go. No need to have to wait and do marketing at home no more.

How important is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is very important in many ways. One reason its so important because people are on their phone majority of the day. According to RescueTime, people are on their phones for more than three hours per day. That's enough time for a consumer to come across a product that an influencer or business owner is marketing to the audience.

Different type of Mobile Marketing?

There are several different forms of Mobile Marketing. Not only are there paid forms of mobile marketing, but there are also free techniques for mobile marketing. Just to name a few free forms, SMS Marketing, Mobile Notification, Mobile Images, and App Based Marketing. These forms are basically techniques that come with your mobile phone so it's much easier to apply these marketing skills.

It's only a few marketing techniques that requires money to succeed in, and it uses data-usage on the mobile phone. Mobile Search Ads is one of the main sources that requires a payment to succeed successfully in.