Email Marketing


Email Marketing is the overall outcome a company should reach after promoting and advertising their products. Email marketing is a segment of network marketing that allows people to contact one another via email. This method allows businesses to communicate with customers and keep them updated on their services. Emails can be a great way to maintain relationships, build trust, and provide excellent customer service for clients. Explains why email marketing is a major asset in digital marketing when communicating through the web. 

Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

E-mail Leads is a perfect technique for media engagement. This method converts a total stranger into a potential customer within a few clicks. Once the people submit their email, the business owner has access to contact them about their products or services. From there hopefully the people become interested and become a paying customer. Giving customers updates on new material and products that the company has is a good way to keep them informed. This way, regular citizens become paying customers because email marketing allows people to re-target their audience.

What are the phases in a Sales Funnel?

There are four main phases/steps in a sales funnel.


  1. Awareness. This the phase when the people first become aware of the product/services.

  2. Interest. Once the people are aware, this when the business owner capture their attention and make them wanna learn more.

  3.  Decision. After the people are interested in the product, they have to make a decision if its worth purchasing. Its the business owner job to create powerful content to convince the people that purchasing is a good idea. 

  4.  Action. This part all depends on if the first three steps were a success or not. 

Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel?


A sales funnel is a buying process a company takes a potential customer through before they close a deal on a purchase. A sales funnel contains several steps and each step the stranger accomplish puts them closer to making the deal or purchase.